Gel Manicure Services​

Rachel has been a fully qualifed Manicurist for over 20 years. Rachel is fully qualifed in all aspects of Nail services, choosing to now specialise in Gel manicures, Gel Overlays and Enhancements exclusively using Premier Gel Pro, a superior professional gel brand that can last up to 3/4 weeks+. 

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Gel Polish

File . Shape . Cuticles . Gel Polish

- One Colour -

Hands £20  ]  Toes  £20

- French Finish -

Hands £25  ]  Toes £25

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Gel Overlays

Gel overlays add strength to natural nails, perfect for nails that are prone to chipping, bending and breaking. 

- One Colour or Clear Gel -

Hands £30 

- French Finish


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Gel Enhancements

Sculpted Gel Enhancements for those who need added length and strength. Regular Infills are required every 2/3 weeks.

- One colour or Clear Gel -


- French Finish -


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Gel Infill

As your nails grow when wearing Gel Overlays or Enhancements, a small gap of natural nail will show, this is when the overlay needs "rebalancing" back out to avoid breakages to the natural nail underneath & to ensure nail health. Regular Infills are required every 2/3 weeks due to nail growth.

- 2 Weeks -

£25 (Incs One Colour Gel Polish)

- 3 Weeks -

£30 (Incs One Colour Gel Polish)

Please note if over 4 weeks+ a new set will be charged for.

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Professional removal is essential for Gel Polish and Overlays to ensure no damage to the natural nail. 

Soak Off Gel Polish & Re-application


Soak Off Gel Overlays/ Enhancements



Removal Only & Mani Mani 

£25 (Incs a bottle of cuticle oil)

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Add On's

Customise your style and add on glitter, chrome, nail art and more to your manicure!


50p per crystal


£5 per set / 50p per nail

Chrome / Unicorn Pigment

£5 per set / 50p per nail

Holographic Pigment

£10 per set / £1 per nail

Nail Art

5 minutes ]  £5

10 minutes ]  £10

15 minutes ] POC

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